Heavy Hitter Malik describes how to stay cool if you meet your hero.

The greatest heel ever? Dann Read tells a story about Dave Fit Finlay.

Greg Burridge talks Pro Wrestling Psychology.

The full Wrestling Tales debut show is now online at

Maverick Mayhew & Connor Mills on Oct 1st 2018 at Wrestling Tales’ debut show talking about what they most admire in each other’s skill set, working in Italy, the day ‘The Greatest’ met ‘The OJMO’  and the previous evening’s Doug Williams send off at Wembley Arena.

A few minutes of David Starr on Oct 1st 2018 at Wrestling Tales’ debut show. Here he talks about Wrestling Cliches, technique and Walter.


Highlights from the debut show with Maverick Mayhew, Connor Mills & David Starr.

Will Ospreay tells a story about Chris Jericho, New Japan & Kayfabe

Will Ospreay Entrance & chat

Will Ospreay talks Backyarding.

Will Ospreay on Bad Promos.

Will Ospreay V Goat

An Evening With Will Ospreay – video snaps